Friday, April 1, 2011

Baker City, OR

Baker City in March of 2011. Baker City has over 100 buildings on the National Register, and as the Oregon Main Street 2010 Summary states,"reflecting the opulence of the gold rush days and the rich heritage of the cattle and timber industries of the American West." They have restored over 80 buildings with their Destination Downtown 50/50 matching grant program. Baker City has the Geyser Grand Historic Hotel as a central focus. The exterior is impressive as is the interior. Dramatic dining areas with incredibly high box beam ceilings.

The pictures in the city were taken at 7 am in the morning, so don't show much activity in the area.

Notice the extremely wide streets: built for turning wagons and carriages with horses. (You can just see them on those wide streets!)

They have added all of the pedestrian amenities: benches, street lights, decorative signage, street trees.

If you go to visit Baker City, be sure to check out the museums and if it is ski season, ski the Anthony Lakes Ski Resort!

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